MELTED METAL CO was founded in 2017 in Chico, California.  

Hand crafted one piece at a time, MELTED jewelry looks handmade because it is.  Each piece starts as a block of wax which is sawed, filed, sanded, and carved into the desired shape and then cast in Sterling Silver using the Lost Wax Casting method.  All the finishing and polishing stages are also done by hand.  We strive to produce quality jewelry that speaks to us, not perfection.  All pieces will have evidence of the human touch and are made for those who like their jewelry a little rough around the edges.

All rings sold are listed with a US ring size.  When purchasing rings, please make sure you know your ring size.  If you're not sure, please visit a jeweler in your area for sizing.

We consider custom orders on a case by case basis.  

Returns and Exchanges are also considered on a case by case basis.  You may be responsible for return shipping costs.

We are happy to answer any questions through our contact page.

To keep up on new products and announcements, follow us on Instagram: @meltedmetalco